Student Resource Links

ODSP Application Guidelines

links to the Ontario Physicians Poverty Working Group article recently published in the Medical Review

Online resource and modules on gender and health. Includes a module on gender and poverty. Supported by the Ontario Women’s Health Council

RNAO position statements on the social determinants of health, including homelessness,  special diet form cut backs etc.

Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians’ Network : An American national association of clinicians dedicated to combating and preventing homelessness and improving the health and quality of life of homeless people. The website has great clinical resources, such as “adapting your practice guidelines” for individuals with diabetes, otitis media etc.

Social Planning and Research Council

local reports on homelessness, poverty, gender – look for Report: On any given night, reports on homelessness and youth

Information about the shelter health network, Hamilton. The Shelter health Network is a collaboration of health care professionals and service providers, with the goal of providing health care to individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Hamilton. This site also has links to other relevant sites.

Canadian Institute for Health Information   Look for Phipps, Shelley, The Impact of Poverty on Health: A scan of the research literature (2003)

includes information on theories about the linkage between poverty and health


An Investigative report that compares health risks across Hamilton neighborhoods.

Centre for Addictions and Mental Health

go to publications, then professionals, for lots of excellent resources

Network of Care for Behavioral Health

This website is a resource for individuals, families and agencies concerned with behavioral health. It provides information about behavioral health services, laws, and related news, as well as communication tools and other features. Regardless of where you begin your search for assistance with behavioral health issues, the Network of Care helps you find what you need – it helps ensure that there is “No Wrong Door” for those who need services. This Web site can greatly assist in our efforts to protect our greatest human asset – our beautiful minds.

Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction

This web site provides information about Tackling Poverty in Hamilton.

ConnexOntario – Treatment Directory

ConnexOntario is an Online Treatment Directory for Addiction, Mental Health and Gambling Services in Ontario.

Directories can be searched by any combination of name, municipality or LHIN, Provincial Service Category/Service Type, and/or specific population group.  A search result will show important information such as program restrictions and includes links to additional problem gambling, drug and/or alcohol, or mental health services offered by an organization.

Directories include interactive maps for every organization.  Maps are generated automatically showing every site in an organization, or for programs, the specific site the program is located.  Printing driving directions to treatment sites at any organization is as easy as typing in a starting address and clicking submit.

Every page on the treatment directory has been designed to be easy to print. Simply click “Print this page” to generate a printed copy that is virtually identical to what you see on your screen.

Links to Connex Directories

Drug and Alcohol Information  

Gambling Services

Toronto Public Health Infection Control Manual – Shelters

Salvation Army

Mission Services

Wesley Urban Ministries

Good Shepherd Centres

Click here to view the link

Homelessness Hub

SAMHSA – Homelessness Resource Center

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a public health agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has an online resource centre to share  knowledge and practices to prevent and end homelessness.

The website is intended to be a social network where service providers, consumers, policymakers, researchers, and public agencies at federal, state, and local levels can share knowledge and experience. Site users can download reports, best practices, and fact sheets on a variety of topics, as well as find training resources and participate in online forums.

Visit the Homelessness Resource Center at

Core Collaborative Learning

Walkabouts through the Hospitals-Shelters Working Group (HSWG)

Walkabouts came about in 2003 as a way to educate hospital discharge planners about the realities of Hamilton’s Emergency Shelter System. Since then, the Walkabouts have educated hundreds of social workers, nurses, students, shelter workers and other allied professionals in an effort to improve services for and communication about our common client population. Walkabouts provide insight into the workings and limitations of the shelter system in Hamilton, as well as the physical layout and operations.

Each month the Walkabout is led by a different professional; most often social workers and nurses working in health care. Each shelter provides a presentation and a tour of its facility, except Women’s Services which does not provide a tour.

The Walkabout starts at 9:00 am on the last Wednesday of each month (except for August and December). It begins at the BMO parking lot on James Street North where an Outreach worker will provide information regarding their program.

People interested in participating must have an affiliation with an organization, such as a relevant community-based agency, McMaster University, Mohawk College or a health care institution. Interested members of the public are not permitted on the Walkabouts.

To register, please email

Walkabout poster Jan-June 2014

Walkabout poster Jan-June 2015